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Most lawn seeding is done with Kentucky Bluegrass, which is a cool weather grass that requires a good deal of watering, mowing, and fertilizing. Over the past ten years, many new Fescue (as opposed to Bluegrass) mixes have been developed, a type of grass that requires much less maintenance. Once a Fescue lawn is established, it remains thick and healthy even in the dry summer months. It is slow-growing, and so needs less than half the mowing of Bluegrass mixes and, once established, really doesn't need to be fertlized. Best of all, it needs much less watering, which means a homeowner can have a healthy lawn without installing expensive irrigation systems, which use much water that can be expensive; irrigation systems also need to be primed in the spring and flushed out in the fall, both of which add to its expense. All told, Fescue seeded lawns are good for the environment, as well as good for your checkbook.

This homeowner had a large lawn that was poorly seeded to begin with. Nevertheless they had been mowing it once a week for most of the summer. They wanted to keep the space, but not the labor and expense of mowing. So we designed a landscape with islands of wildflower/native grasses, and seeded the rest in Fescue. This is how the area looked right after seeding.The brown, dead grass area is where we seeded in natives.The darker, tilled area was seeded in fescue.
low maintenance 1
This area was seeded in the fall of 2010 which, like the fall of 2011, was very dry. Nevertheless, the Fescue came up well, with occasional watering with a hose and sprinkler. Given the area (it was about one acre), the homeowner could only water each area once every other day
low maintenance 2
I fertilized this fescue seeding that fall, and then once the following spring. It has not been fertilized since, nor has it ever received any watering from the homeowner. Now the turf is thick and healthy, and enjoys the soft, carpet pad softness that is the signature of fescue.
low maintenace 3